Personal Info:
Real Name: Lee Carver
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol.2 #60 (1968) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Littleville
Grudges: Green Lantern
Creators: Gardner Fox and Gil Kane
Gallery: Click
Prism Cane: Lamplighter carries a cane of his own design that is able to effect temporary changes in the molecular structure of objects and people.. He has used this for numerous effects including: Paralysing a target, solidifying air to create a temporary barrier, surrounded Green Lantern with gold and many other miraculous effects.
Doctor Lee Carver was a nuclear researcher seeking a way of altering the molecular structure of matter. He invented a “molecularay” that could transform sand into diamonds. Unfortunately, some unknown fault in the ray prevented the change from being permanent. He continued to work on a way to stabilize the transmutation. Tragedy struck when his experiment blew up in his face. Carver lived, but he was blinded.
Though he could not see, Carver continued his research. There was very little he could do, as the work was very delicate. The researcher was accident prone in the laboratory. One day he smashed a few vials of chemicals, and was surprised to find his sight had returned. The combination of chemicals and the high frequency waves he was bombarding them with resulted in a new kind of light. The chemicals somehow affected his damaged optic nerves, permitting a more intense light to reach them, allowing the once blind man to see.
Carver brushed the chemicals on the glass of an old lantern. With the ultra light, the researcher could see but not well enough for the precision work necessary in his advanced experiments. Carver resolved to find another way to reach his goals, even if the entire world had to suffer for it.
He built a cane with the lantern to give him sight and a prism to cause temporary changes in objects. With his weapon, Carver created a new identity as the Lamplighter, taken from a painting from colonial times.
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