The Drowned
The Drowned
Personal Info:
Real Name: Bryce Wayne
Also Known As: Batwoman
Place Of Birth: Earth -11, Dark Multiverse
First Appearance: Dark Days: The Casting Vol.1 #1 (2017) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Barbartos, The Batman who Laughs, The Red Death, Merciless, Devastator, Murder Machine, Dawnbreaker
Group Affiliation: The Dark Knights
Base Of Operations: Earth -11, Dark Multiverse
Grudges: The Justice League
Creators: Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo
The Drowned has a genius level intellect, she is an incredible acrobat and one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in the world.
Surgical Implants: The Drowned performed several surgeries on herself to improve her fighting against Atlantis. Using the maligned DNA of mutated sea life, she was able to give herself pseudo water breather traits akin to Atlanteans
Enhanced Abilities: The Drowned has super human strength, Speed, agility, endurance and durability.
Amphibian: The Drowned, thanks to her eugenic modifications, can breathe and move underwater with the utmost ease as well as she can walk about on land. She can be immersed indefinitely in water without suffering any ill effects, and without the need of oceanic traversal gear or breathing apparatus.
Hydrokinesis: She can manipulate vast if not limitless quantities of water and was able to drown her entire planet. Her mastery is so potent that it allows her to negate the control of other hydrokinetics. Due to her nature as a resident of the Dark Multiverse, her aquakinetic abilities take on a blackened hue with more corrupting properties to it.
Summoning: Using her water as a conduit, Bryce can summon her Dead Water army to herself at will. The Dead Water are voracious minions who heed her beck and call to swarm over and overwhelm her enemies.
Infection: Through her use of the Dead Water, Bryce is able to infect water around her, making others unable to control it, and making the water "hers". She can also convert others to her will by transforming them into insidious Dead Water sea creatures that do her bidding.
Metamorphosis: The Drowned can control and alternate the physical forms for the dead waters under her thrall into any shape she desires, while they still retain their unique personal capabilities to aid her in battle.
Accelerated Healing: One of the many abilities she granted herself through auto-surgical processes.
Enhanced Senses: She can see, hear and speak perfectly while submerged underwater. She was able to perfectly visualize the lit Bat-signal on her earth without difficulty.
Trident: The Drowned uses a trident taken as a trophy from Aquawoman, it can boost the her hydrokinetic power.
Born on Earth -11, Bryce Wayne became a crime fighter who was romantically involved with Sylvester Kyle before he was killed by rogue meta-humans. In retaliation for the death of her lover, she went about systematically killing every meta-human to avenge him. Eighteen months later after killing the last super powered being on land, Aquawoman returned from self-imposed exile and claimed to come in peace. Bryce saw the feigned treaty presented by Aquawoman of Atlantis as a hoax to pursue their own agenda, being unable to trust anyone except for herself and her instincts. Having been proven right when peace talks between the surface and Atlantis collapsed into violence, negotiations shifted to open conflict. Bryce sided with the surface, fighting and winning against an onslaught of Atlanteans led by the invading monarch and then killing Aquawoman with her own trident.
However, this victory came at a steep cost. In retaliation, the Atlanteans drowned Gotham City and most likely a large part of the world beneath the waves for the death of their queen. In order to win her desperate war, Bryce performed surgical and genetic procedures on herself, imbuing her human form with vast biochemical augmentations, such as the ability to breathe underwater, heal faster, and bolster muscular, skeletal and bodily tissue density, along with the capability to perform a type of dark hydrokinesis which could corrupt and convert those fighting against her into ravenous sea beasts under her command. She also designed her own army of hybridized sea creatures, called "Dead Water".
Her abilities were bolstered by her adversary's Trident, and with it she was able to conquer Atlantis and drown the rest of the world. Not long before her world was set to die, Bryce noticed the Bat-signal suddenly go dark, and went to investigate. She was approached by The Batman Who Laughs when she got there, and he told her the story of how and why her city and her world was so broken and misaligned. He told tales about a Multiverse sitting above the dark one nestled beneath it. Hearing about how it was the perfected iteration of her ideal world and that both she and it were spawned from its nightmares, Bryce joined the Dark Knights of Barbatos, taking on the moniker of The Drowned.
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