Lord Ewald Olafsdotter
Lord Ewald Olafsdotter
Personal Info:
Real Name: Ewald Olafsdotter
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Norway
First Appearance: Justice League America Vol.1 #80 (1993) Moderne Age Villain
Known Associates: Overmaster, Prester John, Maya, Mahayogi, Druid, Phalanx, Mohammed Ibn Bornu, Musashi, Seneca, Xiuhtecutli, Osiris
Group Affiliation: Cadre of the Immortal
Base Of Operations: Norway
Grudges: Ice and Justice League of America
Creators: Dan Vado and Kevin West
Ice-Magic: Lord Ewald can, at will, project in various forms quantities of ice and snow through his hands just enough to down an opponent. He can create platforms of ice upon which he can skate. He is able to generate larger amounts of ice and snow, and conjure massive icy figures.
Staff: Ewald was given a staff by Overmaster that allowed him to channel Overmaster's power, allowing him to project energy blasts and fly.
Ewald Olafdotter is the hero Ice's brother, he took control over Ice's homeland from her father, King Olafsdotter with the help of the villain Overmaster.
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