Composite Man
Composite Man
Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: Chameleon
Place Of Birth: Durla
First Appearance: Legionnaires Vol.1 #25 (1995) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Dark Circle
Group Affiliation: Dark Circle
Base Of Operations: Durla
Grudges: The Legion of Super-Heroes
Creators: Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw and Mike Collins
Shape-Shifting: The Composite Man is a Durlan, a race of alien beings that can shape-shift at any time for any length of time with little limitation on size or shape. He is able transform his body in order to mimic any person, creature or object in the universe.
Power Duplication: The Composite Man has the ability to replicate and/or duplicate the powers, strengths, abilities and weaknesses of his opponents.
On Durla, politics is a constant struggle between secular and religious priorities. Several years before the formation of the United Planets, the Durlan government was overwhelmingly secular. They created three biological weapons. These were mutated Durlans, who could assume not only the form, but also the properties of anything they imitated. Not very long afterward, religious ideas came back into vogue. The Durlan high priesthood declared that genetic experimentation was a sin. Their edict was that all such creatures would be imprisoned. The prisoners were coated with a special crystal nullifying their powers, then placed inside a volcano. This coating would have to be periodically re-applied.
During a re-application ceremony, high winds smashed one crystal into the mountainside. This freed one of the prisoners. The Durlan proceeded to attack his jailers, and slaughtered the entire priestly class. When the Science Police came to investigate, the Durlan killed the officer as well. Then he stole his ship, and made his way to Earth to destroy the last of his priestly tormentors. Namely Reep Daggle, the Legionnaire known as Chameleon.
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