Praetor Lemnos
Praetor Lemnos
Personal Info:
Real Name: Lemnos
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: 30th century
First Appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes Vol.5 #2 (2005) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Elysion
Group Affiliation: Terror Firma
Base Of Operations: 30th century
Grudges: The Legion of Super-Heroes
Creators: Mark Waid and Barry Kitson
Lemnos has been described as being the wealthiest individual in the known universe. He also controls the terrorist organisation Terra Firma.
Mind Control: Lemnos brain emits a quantum frequency that changes other individuals' chemicals and electrons related to memory. Memories of him therefore disappear within a few minutes.
Flight: Lemnos is able to fly.
Lemnos was born at some point in the 30th century, somewhere in the United Planets. A psionic handicap he had would make his brain emit a quantum frequency that changed other individuals' chemicals and electrons related to memory. Hence, he could be in a crowd and be recorded by any electronic device, and after leaving, any memory or trace of him ever being there (or even existing for that matter) would disappear just within a few minutes. He claimed to Brainiac 5 the at he had to stay within his parents' line of sight so they wouldn't forget to feed him.
As it is next to impossible to remain completely undetected from everything in the 30th/31st centuries, the Science Police found enough traces of him to track him down and capture him. They were desperate to find out how he had been able to stay hidden for so long, but unluckily enough for them, he had already gained control over his ability. He had Such control that what used to be a handicap was now what could be called a super power. With this, he could easily manipulate the memories of anyone or anything, meaning he could trick an interrogator to believe he was alone in the interrogation room, for instance.
Rather than allowing himself to become some sort of lab rat for the Science Police, he used his ability to spy on them, gathering as much valuable information as possible. Under the Science Police noses, he was able to work behind the scenes to build his own techno-empire. He figured that a man with his ability could do anything without taking the responsibility or consequences for it...and hence become incredibly rich (stated by Brainiac 5 as being rumoured to be the wealthiest individual in the known universe) and also shape every governmental decision to match his agenda.
Lemnos had one thing in common with the Legion of Super-Heroes, they both believed that the United Planets was too slow and dull a society for its own good. Which is why he supported the Legion in secret and manipulated the outcome of numerous government decisions to help their cause. But for Lemnos, the peaceful "rebellion" of the Legion wasn't enough. He would take stronger actions to "help" the United Planets...even if it meant shocking them out of dormancy by declaring war. War was something he could start by manipulating the outcasts of the galaxy...the children of exiled criminals, left for dead by the UP. They became his army, and they were lead by some of the most powerful beings among them, called Terra Firma.
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