Personal Info:
Real Name: Vorm
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: New Tortuga
First Appearance: Adventure Comics Vol.1 #330 (1965) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Cosmic King, Saturn Queen, Lightning Lord
Group Affiliation: Space-Pirate Pack Legion of Super-Villains, former member of the Legion of Super-Heroes
Base Of Operations: New Tortuga
Grudges: The Legion of Super-Heroes
Creators: Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney
Energy Manipulation Device: Dynamo Boy uses a device that enables him to discharge energy-bursts as if they were produced by his body.
One of the children born to the pirate inhabitants of New Tortuga, Vorm enjoyed the exciting, dangerous life there and learned pirate ways quickly. When the pirate's leader asked for a young volunteer to infiltrate the Legion, Vorm stepped forward and killed an opponent to win the "honour." The pirates gave him a hidden belt device with which he used to simulate special energy powers in front of Star Boy, who was so impressed by Dynamo Boy's performance that he invited him to the next Legion tryouts. Dynamo Boy passed all tests with flying colours and gained membership to the Legion quickly, once in he proceeded to secretly sabotage all of his team mates in the ensuing missions and use loopholes in the Legion Constitution to have other members expelled.
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