Personal Info:
Real Name: Hassan-i Sabbah
Also Known As: Old Man of the Mountain, The Assassin Lord, Master of the Hashshashin
Place Of Birth: Iran
First Appearance: Superman Vol.1 #657 (2006) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Ghostwolves
Group Affiliation: Hashshashin
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Superman and Sirocco
Creators: Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco
Enhanced Abilities: Khyber has vast superhuman strength, agility, endurance and durability. He is capable of matching Superman in combat.
Body Armour: Khyber's strength comes from his armour, it also provides a high degree of protection from damage. The suit also allows him to withstand the rigors of space.
Nannite's: Khyber's armour can project nano-machines that can poison Kryptonians.
Flight: Khyber is capable of flight.
Immortality: Khyber has been around for a millennium and has been alive for centuries. However, the alchemic practices that keep him alive have made his flesh intolerant of open air, thereby requiring he wear a specialized suit and mask.
Robotic Engineering: Kyber is a master inventor and is responsible for making tremendous strides in the field of cybernetics.
Ghostwolves: Khyber's own cybernetic mercenaries, that act as the enforcers of his will.
Once, he was Hassan-I-Sabbah, master of the deadly Hashshashin. He ruled from the shadows for centuries. But then, as the armoured Khyber, he rose, and in one possible future, at least, dominated and destroyed all of mankind. At his beck and call are the Ghostwolves, an army of cybernetic assassins, and at his throat is the hero Sirocco, immortal and super-swift after being made a human vessel for Khyber’s emotions and conscience.
Is he a threat to all life and freedom on Earth? Or was he destroyed years ago, a nightmare averted before he ever became Khyber? He is thought dead, but the true answers remain a mystery to the wider world.
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