Mister Nebula
Mister Nebula
Personal Info:
Real Name: Kirtan-Rodd
Also Known As: The Ostentatious Omnipotent, The Ethereal Embellisher, Chuckie Chintz
Place Of Birth: Kvetch, Kvell Star System
First Appearance: Justice League America Vol.1 #36 (1990) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Scarlet Skier
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Justice League America and Starman
Creators: Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis
Cosmic Power: Mr. Nebula possesses phenomenal cosmic powers, which he mostly uses for the purpose of redecorating the cosmos as he sees fit. When redecorating planets, he makes use of machines called Terrain Modifiers, which can alter the shape, colour, or texture of any object. He travels through the cosmos in his Nebulamobile, a gigantic space station/vehicle.
Born on the planet Kvetch in the Kvell Star System, Kirtann-Rodd was the greatest designer in the universe. Or at least, in his own mind.
He was busy designing a temple dedicated to the Lords of Order when he unknowingly offended two of them. In those days, it was not uncommon for the Order Lords to take on corporeal form to interact with lesser beings. Two such Lords of Order, Stínn and Jakk, were secretly observing the Kvetch and decided to visit the temple. Already horrified by the sheer gaudiness of it all, Kirtann compounded his offence by arrogantly attempting to eject the disguised Lords of Order. Angered by his sheer effrontery, Stínn promptly exiled Kirtann to another universe.
This alternate universe was ďa dimension of unconnectedness, of informed madness, of swirling, garish colours and unbelievable, outrageous forms". Anyone else would have been driven mad by the sheer tastelessness and ugliness of it all. Kirtann however, with his atrocious bad taste and love for obscene tackiness, found it absolutely divine.
He spent countless eons in this universe; enthralled with itís beauty, until he stumbled across a crack between realities and found his home dimension once more. Observing his horribly bland dimension, he realized that the universe was in dire need of his superior aesthetics. Someone had to do something and that someone might as well be him. It was his destiny: to save the universe from its gray dullness and utter drabness and bring his refined taste to them ... even if he had to redecorate every single planet in the entire cosmos to do it!
His long sojourn in this alternate universe had changed his being, granting him phenomenal cosmic powers and so, Kirtann-Rodd emerged as Mr. Nebula, Interplanetary Designer! He eagerly began to bestow upon the universe his gift of appalling tackiness, gaudy designs, and clashing colours of fuscia, mauve, teal, and lavender; leaving behind in his wake, entire traumatized planets and near-suicidal populaces.
Realising that he had better things to do than search for these benighted worlds of utter drabness, Mr. Nebula hired the Scarlet Skier to serve as his Cosmic Locator to find these poor planets that desperately needed his good taste.
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