Robin King
Robin King
Personal Info:
Real Name: Bruce Wayne
Also Known As: Robin
Place Of Birth: Dark Multiverse
First Appearance: Dark Nights: Death Metal Vol.1 #2 (2020) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Batman Who Laughs
Group Affiliation: Robins
Base Of Operations: Castle Bat, Dark Multiverse
Grudges: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman
Creators: Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo
Robin King is a genius skilled in designing tools to deal with particular enemies using all of their weaknesses.
Equipment: Robin King has access to various equipment including: The Anti-Life Equation, Lazarus Pit water, Nth Metal cuffs, Suit of Souls and a Teleporter.
Weapons: Robin King has access to a vast amount of weaponry, the weaponry is capable of killing virtually any super being, he seemingly has a weapon for any being he encounters.
Bruce Wayne was born into the wealthy Wayne Family of Gotham City. He had been a violent child ever since he was a baby, which the butler Alfred Pennyworth knew, but ignored out of attachment and the belief that he'll grow up to have a calmer personality. The child would make an excuse whenever he was caught and Alfred helped hide his violent attacks even from his parents, but one day decided he had enough. Unfortunately for him, that very same day Bruce killed his parents when they took him to the movie theatre. They were stopped by a mugger as they were returning home, but he stabbed him before using his gun to kill his shocked parents. When the police arrived, he pretended that the mugger had shot them.
At the funeral, he felt panicked and confused, but was reluctant in reaching out to Alfred. Soon however, he heard a robin bird singing and thought that its noises which sounded like "cheer", was exactly how he felt since killing his parents. Being inspired by the bird which took over nests of other birds, he decided to become a robin himself who will conquer others and spread his message of overthrowing the old order among the youth. Bruce secretly started accumulating weapons to kill various superheroes of his world by getting the adults to give him money, and built a utility belt loaded with them.
Soon the police officer James Gordon, who had been nearby when the Waynes were murdered, arrived at the Wayne Manor and gave evidence to Alfred, which showed that the one really responsible was Bruce himself. He was shot through the jugular vein however by Bruce, who turned his crossbow on Alfred. Alfred however subdued him with the tranquilizer gun and took him outside, before recorded the truth about him on Thomas Wayne's voice recorder. Bruce however burst in from the window dressed in a strange garb with a R on it and a crown of thorns, proceeding to disarm and bash his head in with a bust. As Alfred died, he rung a handbell and declared himself to be the "Robin King".
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