Dead Water
Dead Water
Personal Info:
Real Name: Jonah Kendry Payne
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Aquaman Vol.7 #49 (2016) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Scavenger
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Aquaman
Creators: Dan Abnett and Vicente Cifuentes
Metamorphosis: Whole or partial body hydration coupled with aggressive emotional triggers causes the mystical transformation from Jonah Payne to Dead Water, gifting him with a host of different abilities allotted to him in is altered state.
Enhanced Abilities: Dead Water has superhuman strength, agility, speed, durability and endurance.
Fangs and Claws: Dead Water has a set of razor sharp claws and fangs.
Prehensile Tail: Dead Water has a prehensile tail which he can use to entrap victims.
Hydrokinesis: Dead Water could control a unique form of liquid substance that enabled him a great many water based powers.
Hydroportaion: Using water as a medium Jonah can transport himself anywhere there is a receptive source of aqua he can exit out of. Be it a cup of water, fish tank, garden hose or even a bathtub.
Water Mimicry: Dead Water can manipulate the matter state of his own corporal being, able to shift from solid flesh to immaterial liquid to harmlessly avoid attacks.
Tracking: As Dead Water, Jonah can trace anybody to any known location within the globe so long as the individual he's looking for is nearby a water source.
Dead Water is a predatory possessing entity that hails from an alien planetary system composed entirely out of water, and a threat to Aquaman. It is a mutative agent which alters anything or anyone possessing a negative mindset into a vicious sea creature with a tendency to act out upon their subconscious Id, while their conscious mind is relegated to passenger.
Jonah Payne; the first host of Dead Water was a sub diver who sold his talents to the Scavenger. He took the sub deep into the unknown areas of the ocean. When the sub became stranded he killed the two other men and was making his way back when he swam through the alien water. This substance took over Payne like a symbiote and taking in all the guilt and anger he felt, began to kill anyone whom Payne felt slighted during his life.
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