Res Eda
Res Eda
Personal Info:
Real Name: Res Eda
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Mars
First Appearance: Adventure Comics Vol.1 #449 (1977) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: N'or Cott
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mars II
Grudges: Martian Manhunter
Creators: Dennis O'Neil and Michael Netzer
Enhanced Abilities: Res Eda has super human strength, agility, speed and endurance.
Malleable Form: Res Eda like all Martians possesses a psionic control over his physical form, even down to the molecular level. As a form of shape-shifting, this power enables a Martian to contort his or her physical structure allowing them to adopt human form, elongate their limbs and grow to immense size.
Invisibility: Res Eda possesses the ability to bend waves of light around him, rendering him invisible to most forms of human detection.
Density Manipulation: Res Eda can increase his molecular density to become tougher and stronger, as well as decrease it to become incorporeal and thus able to pass through solid objects.
Invulnerability: With the exception of fire, a Martian is invulnerable to nearly all physical attacks.
Regeneration: Martians have powerful regenerative powers that enable them to regenerate their entire body from a severed limb, they can further enhance their regenerative powers by drawing mass from nearby sources.
Flight: Res Eda can defy gravity and fly through sheer force of will, this ability is psionic in nature.
Telepathy: Res Eda possesses the ability to read the minds of others and project his thoughts to a varying degree.
Martian Vision: Res Eda is able to project heat beams from his eyes.
Self-Sustenance: Martian physiology is self-sufficient negating the need for food or drink.
Res Eda was a survivor of Commander Blanx's unleashing of the Blue Flame of Mars, which rendered their world uninhabitable. Exiled among the few survivors to a tiny surrogate world dubbed Mars II, Re's Eda served as Keeper of the Sacred Martian Symbols. However, Eda felt that his people were doomed to die far from home, and was receptive to Army Commander N'or Cott's revelation that he had discovered an advanced underground civilization called Baltaz. Through his friendly relationship with Martian leader J'onn J'onzz, Eda was certain the Manhunter would stand in the way of Baltaz's subjugation. Fearing a revolt if he had J'onzz killed, Re's Eda instead conceived a plot to smear his name. Eda took a bio-serum to counteract the effects of a ray blast, then had N'or Cott "assassinate" him as he was presenting J'onn J'onzz with the Scepter of State. R'es Eda left J'onzz a "clue" that sent him on a wild goose chase off-world, while N'or Cott pursued in a bid to exterminate the Martians' leader before he could return.
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