Personal Info:
Real Name: Glorith
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Baaldur, 30th Century
First Appearance: Adventure Comics Vol.1 #338 (1965) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Mordru, Time Trapper
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Baaldur, 30th Century
Grudges: The Legion of Super-Heroes
Creators: Mort Weisinger, Jerry Siegel and John Forte
Time Manipulation: Glorith has complete control over time itself. She is able to freeze it, alter it, and even separate parts of it, thereby allowing her to (paradoxically) maintain the Time Trapper's pocket dimensions. She has the ability to age or de-age living beings to a seemingly unrestricted degree. At its extreme, this power can easily end one's life. She can send individuals forward or backward in time.
Magic: Glorith is an extremely powerful magician and has cast spells that have allowed her to fly, alter her size, hypnotise and give herself superhuman strength and durability.
To understand Glorith of Baaldur, you need to understand two things, one of them very simple and one complex. The simple one is that she loves power more than life itself, and will risk everything to get it. The complex one is that she’s a central character in a series of bizarre distortions of the timeline in the 30th century. If conventional understanding of the timeline is correct, Glorith was destined to become the first wife to Emperor Mordru, who himself seemed headed toward absolute supremacy in the 30th century. But the one being destined to halt Mordru’s rise was the Time Trapper. His time manipulations engineered the creation of the Legion of Super-Heroes, who weakened Mordru and created an ongoing struggle for the 30th Century universe. With the trapper’s alteration in place, Glorith’s fate changed. The scheming beauty instead latched onto the Trapper himself, and was quickly destroyed when misfortune prevented her from successfully completing a mission for the Trapper.
Year’s later, when Legionnaire Mon-El was able to do critical damage to the Time Trapper, all the villain’s alterations were instantly eradicated from the timeline, and Glorith’s cruel demise was undone. In the order that re-emerged, Glorith again landed in Mordru’s court, as ambitious and ruthless as ever. Soon memories of the Time Trapper’s manipulations began seeping into the new order and Glorith stumbled onto a plot that would bring down Mordru by creating a replacement Time Trapper and restoring his timeline. Glorith inserted herself as the linchpin in that conspiracy and helped the heroic band of resistance fighters weave a mystical spell that successfully unraveled the Mordru dominated universe.
In the reality that emerged, Glorith found herself with potent time-displacement abilities great enough to bring her the power and wealth she craved. And this time there was no need to resort to the deadly game of seducing and manipulating powerful males to get what she desired.
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