Zal-Zan the Grey
Zal-Zan the Grey
Personal Info:
Real Name: Val-Ty
Also Known As: Greyline
Place Of Birth: Krypton
First Appearance: Superman: World of New Krypton Vol.1 #4 (2009) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: Phantom Zoners
Base Of Operations: New Krypton
Grudges: Superman and Tomar-Re
Creators: James Robinson, Greg Rucka and Pete Woods
Enhanced Abilities: Zal-Zan the Grey has super human strength, endurance, speed and endurance on a level with Superman.
Invulnerability: Zal-Zan the Grey’s Kryptonian physiology gives him a high degree of invulnerability to physical and energy attack.
Flight: Zal-Zan the Grey is able to fly at super speeds.
Heat Vision: Zal-Zan the Grey has the ability to fire beams of intense heat at a target by looking.
Super-Vision: Zal-Zan the Grey has X-ray, Electro-magnetic, Microscopic, Infrared and Telescopic visions.
Super-Hearing: Zal-Zan the Grey has the ability to hear any sound at any volume or pitch.
Super-Breath: Zal-Zan the Grey can freeze a target with his breath or create strong gusts of wind.
Zal-Zan the Grey is a Kryptonian criminal who crossed paths with Green Lantern Tomar-Re, whom he eluded by destroying Xan City. Later, he was captured and placed in the Phantom Zone.
When Zod's blanket amnesty was issued, he and the other Phantom Zone criminals were released. Unlike the group who went with Ursa, Zal stayed on New Krypton, going rogue. He was the target of a manhunt by the Military Guild.
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