Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Earth-Three
First Appearance: Justice League of America Vol.1 #29 (1964) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Ultraman, Johnny Quick, Super-Woman, Power Ring
Group Affiliation: Crime Syndicate of America
Base Of Operations: Eyrie of Evil, Earth-Three
Grudges: Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America
Creators: Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky
Owlman is trained in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship and safe-cracking.
Enhanced Intellect: Owlman has an enhanced intellect and is usually the planner for the Crime Syndicate, coming up with their strategies. He has also created a number of advanced gadgets.
Mind Control: Owlman has low level superhuman mental abilities, Its effects are subtle, such as controlling the Green Lantern to create defective energy constructs or causing an enemy to miss a punch.
Nightvision: Owlman can see in the dark, but with a very limited range.
Weapons: Owlman uses an Illumina-Gun, a pistol he created that shoots energy blasts and blinding light. He also uses knockout-gas grenades.
Most of Owlman's history is unrevealed. What is known is that the person who would assume the identity of Owlman is that he was born with an enhanced intelligence and low level superhuman mental abilities. He would develop artificial devices to enhance his mental abilities, most notably the large reflective owl eyes in his helmet which he uses as a focusing transmitter onto his target.
With the extra powers he developed through training as well as his experimentations, he adopted the name of "Owlman" and began his life long career of criminal conquest. It would be during his attacks that he joined in the loose partnership with the other four super-powered beings on Earth-Three and founded the organization known as the Crime Syndicate of America.
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