Mother Blood
Mother Blood
Personal Info:
Real Name: Sonya Tarinka
Also Known As: Mother Mayhem
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Titans Vol.3 #25 (2018) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Brother Blood, Church of Blood
Group Affiliation: Church of Blood, The Red
Base Of Operations: The realm between Universes
Grudges: The Titans
Creators: Dan Abnett and Brandon Peterson
Source Empowerment: After absorbing the energy of the Source Sonya gained a strong connection to the Red and the multiverse as a whole. Due to her connection to the Source, Mother Blood understands the Multiverse like few others. She can also control the actions of those who harbor a connection to the Red. She can control what they do and what they say. She does not need to be anywhere near her target to control them, as displayed when she controlled Beast Boy. In congiunction with her blood magic she can also influence those who share no connection to the Red like Tempest by generating blood tendrils that on physical contact grant her direct control over another being's actions.
Blood Magic: As a high ranking member of the Church of Blood Mother Blood is adept in blood magic
Haemokinesis: Mother Blood can control blood and manipulate it in numerous offensive ways.
Molecular Reconstruction: Mother Blood can transmute blood into solid weapons.
Telekinesis: Mother Blood can magically manipulate matter.
Sonya Tarinka was a woman without a home and who's only constants were hunger and loneliness. This changed when she was approached by a charismatic man who would introduce himself as Brother Blood. Leading off with food and shelter, Brother Blood would later introduce his beliefs to her and his ties to The Red (a force which connects and pervades all animal life and micro-organisms in the universe). Claiming to be more than man, he explained that everything with blood is connected by the Red, that humans will not only be united under primal laws again, but that something much bigger was coming to reset us all. Liking the idea of unity, she stayed despite his unorthodox religious flaws (risqué parties with cult members and ceremonial cutting) and became a loyal pupil.
Doing her own research, she began to realise the beliefs she thought were plausible theories were becoming more and more undeniable fact. Her research into the Red was fruitful and made her look into an unnatural stellar energy. She followed the trail, so well that she was bombarded by it upon predicting its location, this energy was Source energy. Starting to develop powers, she ran to her friends to share the news but came to find Brother Blood and all but 6 occultists were taken down by Superheroes. Not to be deterred, she manipulated their very bodies to make them super-soldiers in order to pick up where Brother Blood left off.
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