Red Lantern
Red Lantern
Personal Info:
Real Name: Vladimir Sokov
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Russia
First Appearance: The New Golden Age Vol.1 #1 (2023) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Ruby
Group Affiliation: The Red Army
Base Of Operations: Moscow, Russia
Grudges: Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
Creators: Geoff Johns and Brandon Peterson
Vladimir is a skilled combatant, said to be the deadliest man in Russian history even without his ring.
Red Power Ring: The Red Lantern wields a red power ring developed by Soviet scientists and channels a legendary power source known as the "Crimson Flame", which appears to be a counterpart to the Starheart. The ring enables him to fly, manifest a crimson flame and create any object out of the energy he can imagine.
Vladimir Sokov was a Russian patriot and one of the most decorated soldiers in the Red Army. When the American mystery man Green Lantern revealed himself to the world, Soviet scientists were able to duplicate his power and create a red lantern and ring, harnessing a mysterious source of power known as the "Crimson Flame". Sokov was chosen to be the Red Lantern, Russia's first superhero, although unlike Green Lantern he acted at the direct instruction of his superiors and was used to crush dissent and assassinate enemies of the state. Red Lantern's first mission was to destroy the Green Lantern.
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