Synmar Utopica
Synmar Utopica
Personal Info:
Real Name: Eisno Alkor
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Synmar
First Appearance: Superman Vol.5 #25 (2020) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: The Phantom Zone
Grudges: Superman
Creators: Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis
Unique Physiology: Eisno was enhanced by his people to become Synmar Utopica, a being to fight Superman himself, through a process that used resources from his entire planet to grant him his levels of power.
Enhanced Abilities: Synmar Utopica has vast upper level superhuman strength, endurance and durability.
Invulnerability: Synmar Utopica is invulnerable to all forms of damage. He has taken blows and blasts of heat vision from Superman with almost no damage.
Photokinesis: All Synmar seem to be able to project an energy halo around themselves and emit light from various parts of their body.
Energy Projection: Synmar Utopica can discharge the light emitted by his body in extremely powerful ways. He can also emit powerful blasts from his entire body capable of repelling the entire Justice League.
Energy Absorption: Synmar Utopica can absorb the energy of incoming attacks to strengthen himself, making him more powerful the longer he fights.
Flight: Synmar Utopica can fly at great speeds.
Self-Sustenance: Synmar Utopica can operate in open space without any discomfort.
Eisno Alkor was a defense volunteer in the war between his people, the Synmar, and the Thanagarians when he was selected for the process that would grant him powers similar to Superman's. After being given his powers he became a hero for his people and fought many battles, after one of these battles he came back to his world for the celebrations and there he discovered during a casual conversation with his president that he was modeled after another super being, Superman. In the following years he had doubts about his role that only worsened and he became depressed, regretting many of the things he had to do and started to consider himself only a weapon. Becoming enraged over the fact that he was perceived as only an imitation of Superman, and that his people were divided over his role, he took control over the planet Synmar and left for Earth to capture Superman in order to punish him, as he considered him responsible for the dividing of his people.
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