Black Zero
Black Zero
Personal Info:
Real Name: Project 13
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Hyper-Time Earth
First Appearance: Superboy 62
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Fortress Cadmus
Grudges: Superboy
Creators: Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett
Gallery: Click
Enhanced Abilities: Black Zero has superhuman strength, endurance and agility.
Body Armour: Black Zero has some resistance to physical and energy attacks.
Heat Vision: Black Zero can emit heat rays from his eyes.
Flight: Black Zero is able to fly at speeds exceeding the speed of sound.
Tactile Telekinesis: Black Zero has developed his Tactile Telekinesis so that he is able to literally freeze a person to the ground.
Hyper Bullets: Black Zero can fire a bullet which instantly transports his victim, unharmed unto a stasis pod in his fortress.
Army: Black Zero has an army of clones of the hero Guardian. The clones have armour, advanced weaponry and are experts in combat.
Black Zero is a renegade Superboy from a parallel universe known as ‘Hyper-Time Earth’. When Superman died at the hands of Doomsday Project Cadmus attempted to clone a new Superman. In every reality bar Hyper-Time the Superman clone was released to early and resulted in a Superboy. In Hyper-Time the clone was grown to adulthood. Superman never returned from the dead in the Hyper-Time universe and his clone took over as the new Superman. The public would not accept him as Superman and neither would Superman’s enemies who attacked in force. Before it was all over Braniac, Supergirl and 318 civilians were dead. People turned against him and all other clones. Cadmus was closed down and a crowd opposed to cloning killed Guardian. At a loss for what to do the clone went to his Fortress of Solitude and studied Kryptonian history learning of Black Zero a group that fought for the rights of clones. Adopting the name Black Zero he cloned an army of Guardians and set about conquering the world in order to protect the rights of clones.