Rainbow Raider
Rainbow Raider
Personal Info:
Real Name: Roy G. Bivolo
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: The Flash Vol.1 286
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: The Rogues
Base Of Operations: Central City, Missouri
Grudges: The Flash
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The Rainbow Raiderís powers were originally part of his goggles, built for him by his father as a compensation for his black and white vision, but he has since internalised their abilities.
Emotion Control: The Rainbow Raider projects multi-coloured energy beams from his eyes that induce colour-appropriate emotions in his victims. Red produces anger; Blue produces depression; Yellow produces fear; Purple produces passion/lust; Puce produces nausea and he can also produce number of colour-coded minor energy effects i.e. a black beam that causes fatigue in itís targets.
Flight: The Rainbow Raider can generate hard light rainbow "bridges" on which he can fly.
Invisibility: The Rainbow Raider has developed an invisibility paint but rarely ever uses it.
Roy Bivolo was a gifted painter as a child, but he had one critical problem, he was completely colour-blind. As a result of his disability his paintings colours horribly clashed and he was never able to pursue his talent. His father, an optometrist with a genius for optics swore he'd find a cure, but his failing health prevented him from fulfilling his promise. What he managed to develop was a pair of goggles that granted the wearer colour-based powers, they could launch coloured beams of force on which the wearer could ride through the air, produce emotions in people according to the mood associated with each colour, and more. Roy's father presented him with the perfected goggles on his deathbed.
Bitter at the world for denying him his own gift and denying him the ability to truly appreciate the master works of art, he turned to crime, stealing great works and declaring that if he could not appreciate them, then neither should anyone else. This led him into conflict with the Flash and they have clashed ever since.