Ian Karkull
Ian Karkull
Personal Info:
Real Name: Ian Karkull
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: More Fun Comics 69
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former partner of Obsidian
Base Of Operations: Shadowlands
Grudges: Justice Society Of America
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Shadowlands: Ian Karkull can control a dimension of primordial darkness called the Shadowlands. He has manifested the ability to control the actions of individuals by trapping the individual inside there own minds with their own inner torments. He can control the shadows people project, form creatures, weapons and bindings from the dimension.
Time Control: Ian Karkull acquired the ability to look into the future at some point. He was able to steal temporal energy from future people. The energy could be used to prolong life.
During the 1930's, the scientist Ian Karkull and his partner Everett Dahlen discovered the legendary lost city of Ragnor in the Sahara desert. The two discovered a ruby and quarrelled over who should take the ruby, eventually Dahlen struck Karkull unconscious and took the ruby while leaving Karkull to die.
Karkull soon came to his senses and wandered through the desert until nomads rescued him. Karkull vowed revenge on Dahlen and the world. Through years of painstaking work, Karkull invented a device that could transform a human being into an intangible black shadow. Karkull used the device on a criminal named Hart who murdered Dahlen. Karkull then formed a partnership with Hart's gangster boss.