Personal Info:
Real Name: Gregor Dosynski
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Russia
First Appearance: Batman 445
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former agent of the NKVD
Base Of Operations: Moscow
Grudges: Batman
Gallery: Click
NKVDemon is a trained assassin and is also trained in unarmed combat. He is an expert in the use of hand-to-hand weapons; he is an expert in the use of firearms and is a trained sniper. NKVDemon is also an expert in the use of explosives.
Enhanced Abilities: The NKVDemon has been treated with certain steroids that greatly increased his strength and speed.
Body Armour: The NKVDemon has had treatments that hardened his skin and partially deadened many of his nerves, rendering him virtually immune to pain.
Gregor Dosynski is the protégé of the Russian assassin the KGBeast. The KGBeast trained Dosynski thus making him an equally formidable assassin who worked for another Soviet agency, the NKVD, and was known as the NKVDemon.
Two months after the defeat of the KGBeast in Gotham’s sewers at the hands of the Batman, Dosynski vanished. Dosynski was infuriated by what he regarded as the Soviet government's betrayal of the KGBeast and by its increasing liberalization. In retaliation, Dosynski embarked on a campaign to kill ten Soviet officials whom he regarded as traitors to his nation for their support of the policy of glasnost.
The NKVDemon had already slain three people on his list when the Batman learned about him and went to the Soviet Union to stop him.