Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: More Fun Comics 55
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Doctor Fate
Wotan is a master sorcerer and a brilliant scientist who has created technological wonders that are far in advance of 20th century science.
Magic: Through centuries of study, Wotan has mastered the black art of sorcery, becoming powerful enough to challenge even Doctor Fate. Wotan can project powerful bolts of mystical force, fly, travel between dimensions, change shape and cast a wide range of spells. He can absorb the souls and powers of other beings, transfer his soul into other bodies, and even direct the course of his own reincarnation.
An age ago, the sorcerer now known as Wotan was a female member of a primitive tribe in a northern wasteland. After being raped and beaten to the brink of death, the woman determined she would discover the reasons, if any, for human existence and the suffering it entails. Escaping her tormentors, she found refuge with an aged sorceress who began teaching her the mystic arts. Upon the old woman’s death, the future Wotan became a sorceress in her place.
The future Wotan grew so powerful that she was worshipped as a goddess. Seeking to escape death, she learned how to extend her life by mystical means, then how to transfer her soul into another body, and finally how to direct her how own reincarnation into other bodies. Hence, the being called Wotan adopted thousands of different forms, both male and female, over the millennia. At some point he took the name “Wotan” after the ruler of the gods of Germanic and Norse mythology, although he has no known connection to the pantheon.
Wotan continued to amass knowledge, both of science and of mysticism, and built the occult power to great levels, often by absorbing the souls of other great mystics into himself. But he was never satisfied, and still sought the answer to life’s ultimate questions. He believed that only through gaining more and more control over the earth could he find those answers. Wotan’s ruthless pursuit of power brought him into conflict with the original Doctor Fate.