Personal Info:
Real Name: Vril Dox
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Colu
First Appearance: Action Comics 242
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Occasional ally of Lex Luthor
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Superman
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Telepathy: Brainiac is an extremely powerful telepath.
Mind Control: Brainiac is able to control the minds of individuals, though his hold on his victims varies inversely with the number of people under his control and the strength of their minds.
Telekinesis: Brainiac is able to levitate himself, objects and create a mental force field.
Computer Interface: Brainiac has bionic implants that enable him to go on-line with virtually any computer system.
Ship: Brainiac has a star ship that is capable of transporting him anywhere in the galaxy.
Cybernetic Form: Brainiac has occasionally resorted to the use of a robotic body which, gave him body armour, the ability to manipulate energy and super human strength and endurance.
Possession-Others: Brainiac has displayed the ability to transfer his consciousness into other beings.
Vril Dox was once a scientist on the planet Colu. Because of his genius, Dox was allowed to serve the planet's computerized tyrants. Attempting to overthrow the tyrants and rule Colu himself, Dox had invented a teleporter. Discovering his plan, the tyrants used the teleporter on Dox, apparently killing him. Dox's mind survived and travelled thousands of light years to earth. Using his vast telepathic and psychokinetic powers, Dox possessed the body of a sideshow mentalist called the Amazing Brainiac (Milton Fine) to become the power hungry villain known as Brainiac. Only Superman has stood in the way of Brainiacís many ingenious schemes.