Silver Swan
Silver Swan
Personal Info:
Real Name: Valerie Beaudry
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Wonder Woman Vol.2 15
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Wonder Woman
Gallery: Click
Swan Song: The Silver Swan can create powerful sound waves with her voice that is capable of devastating a small area of land with it’s destructive force. She is also able create a low level humming that forms a protective shield round her.
Flight: Silver Swan can fly but needs her artificial wings to control her motion in flight.
Valerie Beaudry’s parents were exposed to radiation from nuclear tests; as a result Valerie was born with latent sonic powers and a horribly deformed face and body. A withdrawn child who shied away from children, Valerie’s only friend throughout her youth was her pen pal, Maxine Sterenbuch and Valerie was forced to end even that relationship when Maxine, unaware of Valerie’s physical deformities and shyness, paid Valerie a surprise visit, hoping to meet with her in person.
As an adult, Valerie fell in with multi-millionaire industrialist Henry Cobb Armbruster, who learned of her latent mutant powers and subjected her to an experiment code-named “Silver Swan”. The process conducted by a research scientist named Buchman further mutated Valerie, giving her superhuman abilities as well as making her beautiful. However, Buchman died in an accident at the end of the experiment.
Armbuster, pleased with the results of the process, manipulated Valerie’s fragile emotions, causing her to fall in love with him so he could further exploit her abilities. He gave her a special costume, complete with wings that enabled her to control her ability to fly, and forced her to use her sonic powers to commit crimes of theft and industrial espionage.