Mister Zsasz
Mister Zsasz
Personal Info:
Real Name: Victor Zsasz
Also Known As: Victor Zsasz
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol.1 #1 (1992) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: The Society, Black Mask II
Group Affiliation: Formerly The Society
Base Of Operations: Gotham City
Grudges: Batman
Creators: Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle
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Mister Zsasz has no super human powers, however he is highly intelligent, savage and skilled in the use of knifes.
Weapons: Mister Zsasz usually carries a carving knife.
Victor Zsasz is the most unrepentant of sociopaths, a serial killer whose body count is etched indelibly into his skin. Highly intelligent and deceptively cunning, Mr.Zsasz as he is known among the cult of celebrity associated with prolific predators is indiscriminate in choosing his prey. However, he does prefer a carving knife for the slaughter, leaving his victims in natural “life-like” positions and marking their deaths as gashed tallies on his own body.
Mr. Zsasz lived a privileged existence. He had a loving, wealthy family and graduated top of his class in college, later going on to amass his own fortune of his own through various companies. At the age of 25, his parents tragically died in a boating accident, and while he accepted what had happened, Zsasz could not help but feel depressed at their loss. In an attempt to distract himself from his growing depression, Zsasz became swept up in high stakes gambling. He neglected his companies while gaining, and just as often losing, huge sums of money in card games. It all came to a head in one game, in which Zsasz bet everything to his name in a game against the Penguin and lost. It was then that Zsasz realized that no amount of wealth could change the hollow person he had become or give any meaning to his life, and he fled the casino to attempt suicide at the Gotham Bridge. Before he could jump, a transient threatened him with a knife for whatever he had on him. Zsasz fought back and, upon looking into the homeless man's eyes, realized he was just as empty as he himself was. He killed the man and decided to free 'zombies' of their mortal coils, cutting a notch in himself for each one to remind himself that he too was a human like them
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