Personal Info:
Real Name: Rose Wilson
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Teen Titans Vol.3 8
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Teen Titans, Former Partner of Deathstroke
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Teen Titans
Gallery: Click
The Ravager is a skilled martial arts expert, and is proficient with most weapons, but particularly a bo staff.
Enhanced Abilities: Ravager has enhanced agility, speed, strength and endurance.
Pre-Cognition: Ravager has limited precognitive abilities which may develop into much more. She has had pre-cognitive visions of the future and was even able to project her astral form and inhabit the body of someone in the future.
Rose is Slade Wilson (Deathstroke’s) estranged daughter from a tryst with former Oriental Clan Princess, Lillian "Sweet Lili" Worth. Slade did not learn Rose was his daughter until she was 14 years old. Their relationship has always been a turbulent one.
When Rose was kidnapped by the third Ravager - Wade DeFarge - her mother was seemingly killed and she learned Slade was her father. Rose was later placed in protective custody with the Titans and became a member of the team. She later left the Titans and embarked on her own - only to return later to become Lian Harper's nanny.
Recently, Rose's father Deathstroke has recruited her to aid in his latest crusade against the Titans. Deathstroke has vowed to destroy his son, Jericho, and exact vengeance on Raven, who he blames for Jericho's current state. Formerly estranged from her father, Rose nonetheless has become his eager new student - and adopted the identity of The Ravager. The reasons for Rose's change of heart remain a mystery.