Per Degaton
Per Degaton
Personal Info:
Real Name: Per Degaton
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: All-Star Comics 35
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Time Stealers, Former Member of Injustice Society of the World
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Justice Society Of America
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Degaton has no super human powers of his own, however he is a skilled scientist, martial artist and marksman.
Time Control: Degaton is able to travel through time and is also able to use his abilities to keep him out of synch with the normal time stream and their fore be invulnerable.
Flight: Degaton uses a flight platform.
Weapons: Degaton usually has a sword and a pistol, but he also utilises futuristic weaponry as well.
Virtually nothing is known of life of Per Degaton before The Time Trust, a group of scientists devoted to the study of time travel, hired him in 1941, as laboratory technician. Degaton first encountered the Justice Society when he was rescued from Nazi spies. In 1942, he encountered Mechanique, a robot from the future seeking to destroy the wartime group of costumed heroes, the All-Star Squadron. Mechanique offered Degaton secrets of Time-Travel in exchange of his assistance in gaining access to the heroes. Mechanique failed but Degaton secretly stole the robots head, with which he later became infatuated.
In 1947, Degaton was a laboratory assistant for Dr. Malachi Zee a former member of the Time Trust. Zee revealed his theories of time to Degaton as well as the theory of his prototype time travel device. One afternoon, in a mundane moment that became a critical juncture in Earh-2 history, Degaton took his last order from Zee. After the elder scientist castigated him for mumbling and instructed him to continue washing test tubes, Degaton snapped. He quickly pulled a revolver, shot Zee and dove into the Time Machine.
At this moment in history, Degaton's history can be thought of as a flower, each petal represents a foray into time in which Degaton has attempted to alter the past or the future, been thwarted and, as time has corrected itself, he has been returned to that moment in time immediately before he turned on Zee.