Personal Info:
Real Name: Isaac Bowin
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: All-Flash Comics 32
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former member of the Secret Six, Injustice Society of the World, Crime Champions, Injustice Unlimited
Base Of Operations: Keystone City
Grudges: Flash and the JSA
Gallery: Click
Sound Generation and Control: The Fiddler possesses magical abilities that he channels through his violins. The musical vibrations he creates can shatter solid objects, create force-fields and hypnotize others.
Weapons: The Fiddler uses violins gimmicked with weapons such as blades and guns.
Isaac Bowin was the son of British aristocrats, but early in life he developed wanderlust and travelled to India. He soon found himself living on the streets, turning to petty crime to keep himself fed. Thrown into prison after a merchant caught him stealing, his cellmate was a mysterious fakir who agreed to teach him the mystic lore of the East. Isaac was a proficient student, soon mastering magic, and after carving a fiddle from materials in his cell, he and the fakir made good their escape. Now calling himself the Fiddler, he murdered the fakir and the merchant who had him arrested before travelling to America to make a fortune in crime.