Personal Info:
Real Name: Kenny Braverman
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Smallville
First Appearance: Superman Mon Of Steel 0
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Metropolis
Grudges: Superman
Gallery: Click
Body Armour: Conduit wears body armour that provides some protection from energy and physical attacks.
Kryptonite Blasts: Conduit is able to fire blasts of Kryptonite radiation.
Cables: Conduit has two extendable cable with which he can ensnare an opponent.
Flight: Conduitís body armour allows him to fly.
When Kenny Braverman was born he was exposed to a high level of radiation from the birthing chamber of Superman. The exposure to radiation would cause his health to fail from time to time, though he would always manage to make a recovery. In order to get a handle on the changes his body went through, he volunteered to be thoroughly examined by the CIA. This led to him being able to develop kryptonite-based powers through use of a special suit. Braveman then acted as an agent for the CIA.
Braverman had one problem that led him to crime, a pathological hatred for Clark Kent. Growing up together Clark had beaten him at everything and his father continually mentally abused him. Braverman became conduit to try to gain revenge on Clark, which inevitably led him into conflict with Superman.