Personal Info:
Real Name: Anti-Monitor
Also Known As: Monitor, Guardian of Fear, Anti-God, The Destroyer
Place Of Birth: Anti-Matter universe
First Appearance: Crisis on Infinite Earths Vol.1 #2 (1985) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Psycho-Pirate, Sinestro, Superboy-Prime, Cyborg Superman, Grail, Perpetua
Group Affiliation: Sinestro Corps, Formerly Black Lantern Corps
Base Of Operations: Qward
Grudges: The Monitor
Creators: Marv Wolfman and George Pérez
Gallery: Click
The Anti-Monitor is one of the most formidable beings in the universe, having caused more deaths than any other villain in the universe. He has destroyed and absorbed thousands of positive matter universes. The Anti-Monitor has immense strength and durability. He was able to shrug off blows from Superman and stalemate the Spectre. He was able to defeat hordes of superheroes. He is able to alter reality, fire bolts of energy, time travel, and by absorbing universes became more powerful than his counterpart, the Monitor. He can create shadow versions of himself and also absorb these shadow demons to recharge himself. At certain points, he has wielded both a Sinestro Corps Ring and a Black Lantern Ring.
Oa started out as a peaceful planet with citizens of vast mental abilities and ambition. One of them, Krona, developed a screen to witness the dawn of time and caused an explosion on Oa. He was then sentenced to live forever in energy form. What happened during that explosion was the beginning of the Multiverse and all of the multitudes of its universes. Once the Oans took it upon themselves to fight for justice, some believed that they should destroy ALL evil. The other Oans did not agree and a civil war began. The ones of malevolent nature left for the dimension of Qward and sought the means to become all-mighty. In this universe, the Anti-Monitor was born on one of the moons of Qward as an excess of great energy taking form. At that same time in the positive matter universe, the Monitor was born of similar origin on one of Oa's moons.
Feeding off the evil energy of the Anti-Matter Universe, the Anti-Monitor took over Qward by sheer force and created a legion of troops with the power to throw lightning bolts. These people are called the Thunderers. Those of the Thunderers that proved to be his most trusted and powerful were then altered into living Shadows. Once he sensed The Monitor in the positive universe, he began a million year long war with him in an effort to sate his insatiable desire to conquer, which ended in both of them losing consciousness.
After nine billion years of inactivity from either monitor, Pariah came up in his universe. Being the greatest scientist of all time, he sought to learn the secrets of the origin of the universe. Despite his universe's council's objections, he created an anti-matter cube with which he safely observed the origin of the universe. This origin is a giant hand reaching from an infinite abyss and forming a new universe. While observing this, the Anti-Monitor and The Monitor were freed and the Anti-Monitor converted the anti-matter into energy and used it to destroy Pariah's universe. After destroying this universe, he drained its energy once again and became even stronger. Along with this, the destruction of a positive matter universe caused the anti-matter universe to expand and make the Anti-Monitor even stronger. With this knowledge in hand, the Anti-Monitor set out to destroy all of the positive matter universes and, therefore, make himself as powerful as possible.
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