King Shark
King Shark
Personal Info:
Real Name: Nanaue
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Superboy Vol.3 0
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: The Society, The Suicide Squad
Base Of Operations: Hawaii
Grudges: Superboy
Gallery: Click
Enhanced Abilities: King Shark has had his Strength and Endurance enhanced.
Body Armour: King Shark's augmented flesh provides protection against the pressures of the deep and physical attacks.
Water/Air Breathing: King Shark has gills and can breathe in water as well as on land.
Swimming: King Shark can swim at great speeds in water.
Teeth: King Shark has shark like teeth and can use them as a weapon.
Resistance's: King Shark is resistant to cold which is an adaptation to undersea life.
King Shark is said to be the offspring of a human mother and a shark god belonging to a pantheon of deities worshipped by traditional Hawaiians. He is truly monstrous in appearance and has a soul equally as ugly, being driven solely by his voracious appetites and urges. He loves to terrorize the people of Hawaii, and no prison has proved strong enough to hold him for long. King Shark’s favourite prey is Superboy.