Brother Blood
Brother Blood
Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Zandia
First Appearance: New Teen Titans Vol.2 21
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Leader of the Church Of Blood
Base Of Operations: Zandia
Grudges: Teen Titans and the Outsiders
Gallery: Click
Brother Blood is a formidable opponent who is backed by a massive number of fanatical followers. He is an expert manipulator who feeds off of the faith of his members.
Longevity: Brother Blood ages at a much slower rate than normal humans.
Immunity: Brother Blood is immune to Raven's soul-self due to his shawl's powers
The cult of Brother Blood is over 700 years old. It began when a Christian priest named Brother Sebastian came upon what may be the prayer shawl of Christ. Whatever it was, it gave him invulnerability and drastically slowed his aging process. In order to gain the shawl, Sebastian had to slay the priest that led the Crusade's armies to invade Zandia. With his dying breath, the rebel priest cursed Sebastian, saying that the son must slay the father before the father's 100th birthday. Ignoring the curse, Sebastian donned the mantle and declared himself Brother Blood. It was this Brother Blood who began the practice of bathing in blood.
There were seven Brother Bloods before the current one, who was born in 1941. The 20th Century Blood had the benefit of an Oxford education and extensive travels. He eventually returned to Zandia, slew his father, and became the new Brother Blood.