Brother Blood
Brother Blood
Personal Info:
Real Name: Sebastian Blood IX
Also Known As: High Priest of the Church of Blood
Place Of Birth: Zandia
First Appearance: Outsiders Vol.3 #6 (2004) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: The Church Of Blood
Group Affiliation: Leader of the Church Of Blood
Base Of Operations: Church of Blood, Phoenix, Arizona
Grudges: Teen Titans
Creators: Geoff Johns and Judd Winick
Brother Blood is a formidable opponent who is backed by a massive number of fanatical followers.
Power Duplication: Brother Blood exhibits a vampiric ability to siphon the powers of others by draining their blood through a bite.
Sebastian was the ninth individual to assume the name of Brother Blood. As demanded by eight generations of tradition, whoever holds such a title is recognized as the High Priest of the Church of Blood and an emissary to the demonic entity known as Trigon.
Due to a seven-hundred year old curse, an individual can only achieve the title of Brother Blood through an act of patricide. There is no formal observation of ascendance, and the child of the High Priest can murder his father and assume his rank at a time of his own choosing.
While still a teenager, Sebastian stabbed his father to death, after the latter's failed attempt to take over the Slab and abduct a million infants. He dumped Blood's body into the river and assumed the mantle of Brother Blood. By rite of ascendance, Sebastian took control of the Church of Blood commanding loyalty from legions of loyal followers.
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