Alexander Luthor, Jr.
Alexander Luthor, Jr.
Personal Info:
Real Name: Alexander Luthor, Jr.
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Earth-Three
First Appearance: Crisis on Infinite Earths 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Leader of the Society and partner of Superboy-Prime
Base Of Operations: Multiverse Tower
Grudges: Lex Luthor
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Alexander Luthorís greatest talent is his genius-level intellect, which he uses to manipulate other people.
Matter/Anti-Matter Control: Alexander Luthor has control over matter and anti-matter, which he can use offensively as bursts of energy or to form and control dimensional portals.
Alexander Luthor, Jr. was born on Earth-Three, the son of that world's Lex Luthor and Lois Lane. The senior Alexander Luthor is Earth-Three's only hero, fighting the Crime Syndicate, an evil version of the Justice League of America.
During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the being known as the Anti-Monitor destroys innumerable universes, including Earth-Three, with an anti-matter wave. To save their son, the Luthorís place him in an experimental device that carries the infant to the relative safety of Earth-One.
Alexander materializes on the abandoned Justice League of America's Satellite. Harbinger takes him in at the request of the Monitor. His passage through the anti-matter storm grants him power over both matter and anti-matter, although the exposure also dramatically accelerates his aging process. By the conclusion of the Crisis, Luthor is a young adult, despite the passage of only a few weeks. After the Monitor's death, Alexander helps lead both heroes and villains against the Anti-Monitor.
After defeating the Anti-Monitor with the help of Earth-Two Superman, and Earth-Prime Superboy, Alexander reveals that he has saved Earth-Two Superman 's wife, the Earth-Two Lois Lane from being erased from existence when the multiverse was destroyed. The foursome, no longer having a place in the new Post-Crisis universe, retreat to a "paradise dimension" Alexander accesses using the last of his dimensional powers.
The four survivors spend years in the dimension after the crisis. Alexander, who has rapidly aged to his mid-30s, grows frustrated, and becomes colder and detached from the well-being of the universe's living beings. Superboy-Prime also becomes frustrated as well, and Alexander uses this opportunity to convince him to help fix reality.