Lightning Lord
Lightning Lord
Personal Info:
Real Name: Mekt Ranzz
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Winath
First Appearance: Superman Vol.1 147
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Legion Of Super-Villains
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Legion Of Super-Heroes
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Electrical Generation and Control: Lightning Lord is able to generate electricity and hurl it as destructive lightning bolts.
Mekt Ranzz was born into a successful family on Winath, but without a twin, a rare occurrence on his home planet. From the start, Mekt was extremely sensitive about his “deformity” and the patronising attitude of the native population toward the oddity intensified his insecurities. Also, it’s considered possible that mental serenity for which Winathians are known may be an outgrowth of the empathic support and sense of belonging they receive from their twin siblings, which are comforts Mekt never knew.
Mekt also never felt he was receiving the kind of acceptance from his driven, hard-working parents that his more accomplished siblings enjoyed. As he progressed through his teen years, these forces compounded a deepening anti-social streak in Mekt.
His younger brother Garth, meanwhile, was the darling of the family and Mekt grew to resent Garth’s accomplishments, a spirited rivalry developed. Their attempts to outdo each other contributed to a crash landing on the lightning on the world of Korbal, where they and Garth’s twin sister Ayla were left stranded with a powerless craft. Garth attempted to lure an attack of native lightning beasts on the ship in an attempt to recharge the craft’s batteries, but the beasts attacked the Ranzzes instead of the ship.
Miraculously, the beasts’ massive electrical charges didn’t kill the teens, but rather imbued them with lightning casting abilities. Intoxicated with these newfound powers and with an itch for more excitement than he could find on placid Winath, the alienated Mekt sneaked off planet and headed for earth.
But life alone on the streets proved harsh and traumatic, and when Mekt fell under the influence of Cosmic King, Mekt’s minor mental dysfunctions grew into severely sociopathic behaviour.