Personal Info:
Real Name: Jean-Louis Droo
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Haiti
First Appearance: The New Teen Titans Vol.1 14
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: The Society, The Brotherhood Of Evil, Former member of the Society Of Sin
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Teen Titans and the Doom Patrol
Gallery: Click
Voodoo: Once Houngan's computerized voodoo doll analyses a victim's cell structure, from a sample of blood, skin, or hair, the doll's micro-circuitry creates a bionic link between itself and the Intended victim. When the electronic stylus Interfaces anywhere on the doll's surface, Incredibly delicate micro-sensors relay the Information to the computer's central system, which then focuses the pain into the same area on the intended victim. Distance for effective use of the doll and stylus has never been completely tested, but a range of slightly less than 1,000 feat has been recorded to date.
Jean-Louis Droo, Haitian-born but schooled in America., worked as a computer scientist for a large Silicon Valley computer company until the news of his father's impending death brought the young scientist back to the land of his birth. Once home, Droo found modem medicine was unable to aid his father and that the only hope was a local "houngan"-a voodoo master.
Droo watched in fascination as the houngan completely cured his father's illness. Soon Droo became a virtual voodoo fanatic, devoting every waking hour to learning all there was to know about this most ancient art.
Within two years Droo became a voodoo master, but unlike his teachers, Droo merged the ancient voodoo rituals with modem computer science. Today Droo, who now calls himself Houngan, uses an electronic needle-stylus and a computerized voodoo doll to create terrors the old voodoo houngans could never have imagined.