Warrior Woman
Warrior Woman
Personal Info:
Real Name: Julia Frieda Koenig Lohmer
Also Known As: Julia Lohmer, Krieger Frau, Madame Rätsel, Madame Mystery
Place Of Birth: Hanover, Germany
First Appearance: Invaders Vol.1 #16 (1977) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Adolf Hitler, Master Man, Lady Lotus, U-Man, Baron Blood
Group Affiliation: Former member of Axis Mundi, Super-Axis
Base Of Operations: Germany
Grudges: The Invaders
Creators: Roy Thomas and Jim Mooney
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Warrior Woman is skilled in hypnotism, espionage, and is a master of the whip.
Enhanced Abilities: Warrior Woman's exposure to a version of the Super-Soldier formula left her at peak physical condition borderline superhuman strength and endurance.
Whip Warrior Woman carries a whip.
Julia Lohmer, a German woman living in Germany in the 1930's became a spy during the Nazi regime in World War II. She caught and hypnotised an American who held secrets to the Super-Soldier formula that transformed Captain America. She decided to try what she learned of the formula on herself. Reproducing it, she was transformed into a Nazi powerhouse. Hitler saw the advantage of a strong Nazi woman and asked her to become his own sick twisted idea of a Nazi Superhero, the Warrior Woman.