Personal Info:
Real Name: Gerard Shugel
Also Known As: Delores Winters, Dolores Winters, Drake, Professor Morgan Wilde, Superman, Ultrasaurus
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Action Comics Vol.1 #13 (1939) Golden Age Villain
Known Associates: Satanna, Per Degaton, Despero, Mr.Mind, Black Beetle
Group Affiliation: Time Stealers, Former Leader of the Secret Society Of Super Villains II
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Justice Society Of America
Creators: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
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The Ultra-Humanite is an extraordinary scientific genius, who has designed and devised many advanced inventions.
Enhanced Abilities: In his ape form the Ultra-Humanite had enhanced strength, agility and endurance.
Telepathy: The Ultra-Humanite has displayed formidable telepathic abilities.
Telekinesis: The Ultra-Humanite has highly developed telekinetic abilities
Mind Transferral: The Ultra-Humanite is able to transfer itís brain to a new host body whenever it needs to.
The Ultra-Humanite was once a sickly child named Gerard Shugel. Though cursed with a failing body, his mind was brilliant and he eventually grew up to become a respected research scientist. His colleagues however, did not approve of Gerard's methods, particularly his numerous experiments involving animals. The only one who stood by his side was a woman named Satana. Gerard was eventually let go and Satana and he travelled to Africa to continue their experiments. He eventually perfected the process by which to conduct a successful brain transplant and Satana moved Gerard's brain from his meek body into that of a massive white gorilla. Satana assured him that the surrogate body was only temporary, but Gerard relished the feeling of the power that was now available to him. Eventually, Gerard headed back to America, using technology sold to him by Dr. Sivana.