Captain Cold
Captain Cold
Personal Info:
Real Name: Leonard Snart
Also Known As: Citizen Cold, Kid Kold, Len Snart, Leonard Snart, Leonards Wynters, The Man Who Mastered Absolute Zero
Place Of Birth: Central City
First Appearance: Showcase Vol.1 #8 (1957) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: The Rouges and Golden Glider
Group Affiliation: The Rogues, Injustice League Unlimited, The Society, Former member of the Secret Society Of Super Villains I and Golden Snowball Recoveries
Base Of Operations: Central City
Grudges: Chillblaine and Flash
Creators: John Broome Carmine Infantino
Gallery: Click
Cold Gun: Captain Cold has a gun that is powered by a cyclotron. The gun negates kinetic energy and produces a freezing effect.
Leonard Snart grew up in a trailer park outside of central city with his sister. His father was an alcoholic and his mother frequently left after the beatings his father handed her. His father would also regularly beat Leonard and his Sister. Their only respite was their Grand Father who was an ice deliveryman, who would take them with him on his rounds. However Leonardís Grandfather died and with it all the good things in his life.
Years later he left his sister with his father and joined up with a gang of criminals. Their first robbery was foiled by the then Flash Barry Allen and Leonard was sent to prison. While incarcerated Leonard studied kinetic energy and thermal motion with a plan to face of against the Flash when he was released. On his release he stole some blue prints from a lab and created his cold gun. Adopting the identity Captain Cold he set out on his career of crime.