Mad Jim Jaspers
Mad Jim Jaspers
Personal Info:
Real Name: Sir James Jaspers
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Earth-238
First Appearance: Marvel Superheroes 377
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former Leader of the Crazy Gang
Base Of Operations: The Crazy Gang's Flying Teapot, Earth-238
Grudges: Captain Britain
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Reality Manipulation: Mad Jim Jaspers is able to change reality with a thought, giving him virtually limitless powers.
In an alternate reality (Earth 238), Sir James Jaspers, a respected Member of Parliament, launched a campaign to ban superheroes with a stirring speech on television. He ran the campaign against superheroes under the slogan "If they were honest they wouldn't wear masks." Under his influence superheroes were outlawed and marked for extermination. Jaspers designed the Fury; a machine whose only purpose was to destroy super powered individuals. Within two years it had killed every superhero on the planet, leaving only Jaspers, whom it was programmed to ignore, alone.
Having succeeded in his initial goal, Jaspers left Parliament and became Mad Jim Jaspers, a crook and bank robber who lead the "Alice in Wonderland" themed Crazy Gang.