Cameron Hodge
Cameron Hodge
Personal Info:
Real Name: Cameron Hodge
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: X-Factor Vol. 1 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Phalanx, Former member Of The Right, Genoshan Government, X-Factor
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: X-Men, X-Factor, New Mutants
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Cameron Hodge originally had no powers and was just a skilled manipulator. He then had his head attached to a cybernetic body.
Body Armour: Cameron Hodge has a cybernetic body that provides a high degree of protection from physical and energy attack.
Weapons Systems: Cameron Hodges cybernetic body had a vast array of weapon systems including: tentacles, a powerful stinger, plasma and laser weapons, a molecular adhesive gun, fire bolas, knives and spears.
Immortality: Cameron Hodge was granted immortality by the demon N'astirh.
Phasing: Cameron Hodge is able to phase through solid objects.
Cybernetics: Cameron Hodge can interface with computers.
Cameron Hodge was the college roommate of Warren Worthington III, also known as the superhuman Angel. Hodge grew up secretly hating mutants and became leader of the anti-mutant radical group the right. After Angel's former superhero team the Defenders disbanded, Worthington and Hodge hatched a plan to reunite the original roster of the X-Men. Under Hodge's plan, the five mutants would pose as professional mutant hunters under the name X-Factor. They would use this cover to contact and teach young mutants. Hodge however had his own agenda and fully intended to exacerbate anti-mutant tensions through his advertising campaigns.