Humus Sapien
Humus Sapien
Personal Info:
Real Name: Sonny Baredo
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Pittsburgh
First Appearance: Thunderbolts Vol.1 36
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: None
Gallery: Click
Geo-spatial Bio-Field Control: HS-1 is attuned to the Geo-spatial Bio-field of earth and as a result he is able to deconstruct the Atomic Structure's of synthetic things as well as being able to shift tectonic plate's and repulse Non-organic matter. This doesn't come without a price though. Every time he uses his abilities it randomly takes the Life Forces of human beings anywhere on the planet.
Sonny Baredo grew up outside Pittsburgh with a normal suburban life until the emergence of his mutant powers occurred at the age of fourteen. Unknowingly, his mutant powers killed his entire family, even his dog, on the same day. The mutant Professor Charles Xavier and his students, the heroes known as the X-Men, sought out Baredo to offer him a chance to join them and learn how to control his powers. Baredo was sent to a foster home while Xavier tried to negotiate his release.
Instead, Baredo was kidnapped by the super villain team Factor Three, bringing him to their headquarters in Mt. Charteris, Colorado, which was shielded from Xavier. Ogre, the scientifically minded member of Factor Three, spent the next few years studying Baredo as his powers developed to greater levels. When Baredo's full powers emerged at age eighteen, Ogre determined he was too dangerous to try to control. He placed him in cryogenic state and vowed to protect the boy in the hopes of redeeming his role in exacerbating his powers. Baredo remained in suspended animation until he was awoken by Techno.