Kaptain Briton
Kaptain Briton
Personal Info:
Real Name: Byron Bra-Dhok
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Earth-794
First Appearance: Mighty World Of Marvel 13
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Member of the Captain Britain Corps
Base Of Operations: Earth-794
Grudges: Captain Britain
Enhanced Abilities: Kaptain Briton has enhanced strength, agility and endurance.
Force Field: Kaptain Briton’s costume provides him with a force field to protect against physical and energy attacks.
Flight: Kaptain Briton’s costume allows him to fly.
Stun: Kaptain Briton carries a device which allows him to stun Captain Britain when applied to his costume's helmet, and was able to instantly swap his costume with that of Captain Britain by touching a control device on his wrist.
Byron Bra-Dhok is the Earth-794 member of the “Captain Britain Corps” and an alternate version of Earth-616’s Captain Britain. He is Konsort to the dictator Opul Lun Sat-Yr-Nin, and a hero of the Empire of True Briton for whom he has murdered and tortured.
Kaptain Briton was summoned along with the rest of "the Captain Britain Corps" to Merlyn's funeral on Otherworld, Kaptain Briton noticed the strong resemblance between himself and Captain Britain of Earth-616. During the wake he continued to watch his counterpart.
When Kaptain Briton ran away from his home dimension, angering his somewhat unstable paramour, Mastrex Opul Lun Sat-Yr-Nin, he fled to Earth-616 and sought out Captain Britain.