Personal Info:
Real Name: Willis Stryker
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Harlem, New York
First Appearance: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Syndicate
Base Of Operations: Harlem, New York
Grudges: Powerman
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Diamondback is highly skilled in the use of knives, in both fighting and throwing. He uses both conventional knives and some specially designed by Gadget.
Knives: Diamondback carries special knives containing other weapons, such as gas, sonic attacks, and explosives.
Willis Stryker grew up on the streets of Harlem, where he was close friends with Carl Lucas (Luke Cage). The two were street criminals, robbing, mugging, etc. to get by. As they grew older, Lucas became less interested in their way of life, while Stryker seemed to thrive on it.
Stryker began dating Reva Connors as his actions drew the attention of the criminal Syndicate, who warned him away from their territory. When Stryker refused, they ambushed him and beat him savagely; only the timely arrival of Lucas saved his life. Reva was appalled by the thought of a life of violence with Stryker, and she told him that when he was well enough to hear it. Stryker, however, blamed Lucas, accusing him of going behind his back and turning her from him. After recovering, Stryker framed Lucas by planting heroine in his apartment, and Lucas was sent off to prison. Stryker was trying to make amends with Reva, when the Syndicate attacked again, killing Reva and driving Stryker's car off a cliff. Stryker was relatively uninjured.
Stryker later became affiliated with the Syndicate, hiring out his skills with knives as a hit man and enforcer to them. Stryker also contacted Gadget, who designed a number of specialized knives for him. With his new weapons, Stryker designed a costume and took the name Diamondback due to his striking speed.