Personal Info:
Real Name: Grom
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Eyung
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol.1 113
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Eternals of Eyung, former member of the Defenders, Chorus
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Fantastic Four and the Defenders
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Enhanced Abilities: Over-Mind has superhuman strength, and endurance.
Invulnerability: Over-Mind has a high degree of protection against physical and energy attacks.
Mental Powers: Over-Mind has vast psionic abilities. This allows him to augment his strength, project kinetic bolts, create hallucinations, read minds, control minds and use telekinesis.
Immortality: Over-Mind is immortal.
Grom was a powerful conqueror of the warring race of Eternals of Eyung millennia ago. The merciless and cruel Grom helped destroy many planets and enslave many races, and fully enjoyed the spoils of war. Grom participated in arena-style games and won hundreds of combats against men and beasts. He eventually participated in the ultimate game, and was pitted against a fully armed battalion of slaves fighting for their freedom. When he defeated them, he was declared the Champion of Champions, the highest position among the Eternals.
When the Eternals were attacked by the Gigantans, a race whose world they'd destroyed, they faced the pending destruction of their planet. Millions of Eternals across the planet entered synthesizing chambers, and their minds were transferred into the form of Grom, who'd been selected to live on as the powerful Over-Mind. Needing time to assimilate all of those minds, Over-Mind was put into suspended animation and sent, via interstellar beamer, into space in a capsule surrounded by protective spore until he would rise, eons later, prepared to continue conquering in the name of the Eternals.