Fabian Cortez
Fabian Cortez
Personal Info:
Real Name: Fabian Cortez
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
First Appearance: X-Men Vol.1 1
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Magneto's Acolytes
Base Of Operations: Genosha
Grudges: Magneto and the X-Men
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Power Augmentation: Fabian Cortez has the ability to amplify the powers of another mutant, usually beyond the target's ability to control. Cortez can also use this ability to heal others. After extended use, however, his power can be highly addictive to his target, who nonetheless gains a greater tolerance and needs greater and greater amounts of Cortez' amplifications, usually to the point of his/her powers burning out or he/she dies altogether.
Not much has been revealed regarding the early life and origin of the mutant Fabian Cortez or his sister, Annemarie. Fabian developed grand schemes involving his fellow mutants, and was determined to rule the world by exploiting mutants' pride in their race for his own purposes.
Cortez professed a fanatical belief in the ideals of the mutant Magneto, who early in his villainous career demanded mutant supremacy over the earth, often through violent confrontation. Cortez thus gathered like-minded mutants around him, calling them the Acolytes of Magneto. One of the first Acolytes was his sister, Annemarie.
Under Cortez' leadership, the Acolytes began to engage in many terrorist attacks.