Space Phantoms
Space Phantoms
Personal Info:
Real Name: Not Applicable
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Limbo
First Appearance: Avengers Vol.1 2
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Servants Of Immortus
Base Of Operations: Limbo
Grudges: None
Gallery: Click
Shape Changing: Space Phantom’s are capable of shape-changing powers, mimicking people as well as objects. A unique property of the Space Phantoms' mimicry shunts the person being duplicated to Limbo, while the Space Phantom keeps the powers and abilities of those duplicated. Several obstacles shunt the Space Phantom back to Limbo, such as when it tries to duplicate someone with abnormal physiology.
"Space Phantom" is a generic name for the warped and misshapen servants of the time-travelling villain, Immortus. The beings that Immortus transforms into Space Phantoms are any of the beings that happen to wander or otherwise become lost in the dimension of Limbo, a dimension outside of time itself. Immortus traps such individuals who, due to the very nature of Limbo, soon begin to forget their former lives and change into long-forgotten, ghostly time-beings. Immortus further conditions them into servants who can perpetuate his schemes and manipulations of historical events. So complete is Immortus' conditioning that the shape-changing Phantoms can assimilate anyone, even to the point of torture and escaping notice of even mind-readers.