Personal Info:
Real Name: Mark Scarlotti
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio
First Appearance: Tales oF Suspense 97
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former agent of the Maggia, Former member of the Death Squad and Employee of Justin Hammer
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Iron Man
Gallery: Click
Blacklash is an expert at using the whip as an offensive weapon. He is also skilled with the nunchaku, and has a fair knowledge of hand-to-hand combat.
Body Armour: Blacklash wears a battle suit woven out of steel mesh and his cloak is capable of stopping medium calibre bullets.
Whips: Blacklash's primary offensive weapons are his two cybernetically controlled whips, composed of woven boron-filament-impregnated sapphire strands plus steel braid. It can be spun so fast that it deflects bullets. The tip is capable of piercing 3-inch steel. Besides its use as a simple whip, the weapon can retract partially into its handle and be converted into a nunchaku or be extended to its full length and stiffened to become a pole for vaulting. The whip is detachable from its handle and contains a remote control concussion charge. The entire whip and handle can be stored in a special sheath in Black lash's gauntlets.
Mark Scarlotti was contracted by the Maggia crime syndicate while working for a degree in Engineering at Rennselaer Poly-Tech. Upon graduation; he went to work for the Maggia as a weapons designer. With Maggia funds, he developed several technological weapons, the greatest among which was a steel-fibre whip capable of penetrating virtually any substance short of Adamantium. A natural athlete, Scarlotti practiced with the whip until he became an expert at it. Then, craving more excitement and money than weapons design afforded, Scarlotti asked to use his whip as a special costumed agent and dubbed himself Whiplash.