Personal Info:
Real Name: Ba'al-Hadad
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Nippur, Sumeria
First Appearance: Wolverine Vol.2 11
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Unspecified Dimension
Grudges: Wolverine
Invulnerability: Ba’al’s demonic form is virtually immune to conventional injury and is able to be reformed after being damaged or destroyed.
Immortality: Ba’al is immortal and cannot be killed by conventional means.
Gehenna Stone: Ba’al has possessed the Gehenna Stone which, allowed him to send his power into his Spawn, and granted him increasing levels of power as the Stone was reassembled. At full power, Ba'al could generate powerful flames from his hands or eyes, and had adegree of superhuman strength.
Ba’al Hadad is a Mesopotamian god the son of Anu, king of the Mesopotamian Gods, and Asherah, Mother of the Gods. He rose to become ruler of the Gods but was eventually deposed by Marduk. Over time, without worshippers, Ba'al apparently degenerated into a more demonic entity.
Millennia later, Ba'al led the people of Gehenna, which was just outside of Jerusalem, and was considered by them to be the foulest place on Earth. It had started out as a charnel pit, where the refuse of Jerusalem burned their refuse, and Ba'al transformed it into a place of unspeakable evil. Ba'al led the people of Gehenna in perverse rituals, including human sacrifice and the consumption of human blood. God was so disgusted by what he beheld, that he sent a fierce warrior: He was known only as the Hand of God, and armed with unbreakable steel and divine right, he smote the demon Ba'al. Even in his death-throws, Ba'al perpetuated his evil. What passed as his soul coalesced over him, and entered a glittering, multi-faceted gem that his followers had prepared for him. What they had not prepared for was the righteous wrath of the Hand of God. They fought that mighty warrior in, but in vain. Finally, on a field bloody with corpses, the Hand of God stood before the last incarnation of Ba'al and smashed it asunder. The evil of Ba'al was trapped into a hundred fragments, and not content with that, the Hand of God hurled the pieces to the four winds, never to be assembled, until doomsday.
In more recent centuries, pieces of the Gehenna Stone were unearthed at archaeological digs, and wound up in various museums and private collections. Followers of Ba'al of began assembling the fragments of the Gehenna Stone to return Ba’al to life.