The Orb
The Orb
Personal Info:
Real Name: Drake Shannon
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Wheeling, West Virginia
First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up Vol.115
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Ghost Rider
Gallery: Click
Helmet: The Orb wears a helmet designed to look like a human eyeball which, is outfitted with specialized micro-circuitry, capable of firing laser blasts and hypnotizing victims. It also has image projectors that combined with his hypnotic abilities allow for realistic illusions.
Gloves: The Orbís gloves can fire mini-eye heat-seeking missiles which release powerful flames.
Fire Resistance: The Orbís costume affords some resistance to fire.
Laser Pistol: The Orb carries a laser pistol.
An accomplished motorcycle stunt rider, Drake Shannon owned one-half of the travelling motorcycle stunt show, which would later feature Johnny Blaze (who would become Ghost Rider). The other half of the show was owned by Blaze's mentor, Crash Simpson. While the partnership was initially amiable, the two men grew apart and eventually an intense rivalry developed. Neither wanted to work with the other, but neither wanted to sell their half of the show. To settle the dispute, the two men agreed to a lengthy race, with the winner receiving full ownership of the travelling show. After many miles of neck-and-neck competition, Shannon deliberately swerved towards Simpson in an effort to force Simpson to crash. However, the manoeuvre caused Shannon to lose control of his motorcycle. While Simpson managed to remain upright and continue on with the race, Shannon slid 25 yards on his unprotected face. The accident left him hideously disfigured.
Shannon recovered in the hospital for weeks, cursing Crash and driving him away when he came to offer his condolences. After leaving the hospital, Shannon became a loner and an outcast, shunned for his hideously scarred face. He had reached the end of his wits when They Who Wield Power supplied him with a hypnotic helmet and laser pistol as part of one of their plots. Calling himself "The Orb", Shannon attempted to take over the travelling motorcycle stunt show, which he had once half-owned.